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Partial Dentures Vs. Implants

removable partial denture
You have just lost a tooth or teeth recently. Having that gap after losing a tooth looks and feels strange so you have been thinking about how you should replace it. For missing teeth, there are two popular options – dental implants or dentures. Both these two dental options are great but you have to remember that there is no one size fits all. What works well for one person… Read more

4 Tips for Living with Dentures

Some people have healthy teeth while others may experience tooth loss even at an early age. However, you don’t have to remain toothless for the rest of your life because you can wear dentures. Whether you lose your teeth because of gum disease or tooth decay, wearing dentures is the perfect solution for you. You can still smile without the need to be conscious over a missing tooth.  (more…) Read more

Getting Used To Your New Dentures

Close up view on senior dentures
Having dentures is an affordable solution for people who are suffering from missing one or more teeth due to decay or old age. Losing your teeth is never pleasant but you don’t have to walk around toothless. Dentures are pieces you can use comfortably so it will look as if you have a complete set of teeth and they look natural. However, some patients may find that wearing dentures can… Read more

When Is The Right Time To Get Dentures

If given the chance, nobody would probably choose to have dentures instead of their permanent teeth. But no matter how serious we are with our oral health; we may need dentures at some point in our lives. The hard part is how to determine if we are already in need of dentures. Aside from the dentist’s recommendation, below are the signs that it’s time for you to get dentures. (more…) Read more

5 Ways Dentures Will Preserve your Youthful Smile and Appearance

dental implant
When your upper and lower teeth are missing, you must wear dentures. These false teeth offer a variety of benefits to help you look youthful with a beautiful smile. At Quality Dentures of Fredericksburg located in Virginia, we believe that these are the ways that dentures give you a great appearance. (more…) Read more

Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures

missing tooth_dentures
When you have numerous missing teeth, it is essential to have false teeth made by a dentist. Dentures are dental appliances that are made from plastic resins, and these devices are made to hold attractive dental crowns. The plastic supports of dentures are made to fit securely over your bottom or top gum ridges. The upper denture typically has the support that fits across the palate of your mouth, but… Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Implants?

same-day dental implants
Prior to the introduction of same-day dental implants, patients would have to undergo several surgeries and wait for up to eight weeks to have their implant placement completed. For anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth before, it is common knowledge that waiting months for a replacement tooth is just not ideal. The loss of a tooth is already stressful enough, and same-day dental implants stop that stress from… Read more

Maintaining My Quality Dentures

Patients who have dentures need to take special care of them to keep them looking their best. Patients who care for dentures properly will also help keep their mouths healthy. There are certain products that shouldn't be used on dentures, and other products denture wearers need to be careful when using. There are also certain steps patients should take to ensure their mouth stays healthy. (more…) Read more

How Do I Know My Dentures Are High Quality

Quality Dentures
How Do I Know My Dentures Are High Quality? Dentures are artificial teeth. These artificial teeth can replace one to all of your missing teeth. They are placed on a removable plate. These plates can be a partial or full set. These are placed in by being expertly sized to fit in your mouth. Dentures provide can many benefits to your overall health. (more…) Read more

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial Denture
Partial Dentures Your teeth do more than just improve your appearance. You need a full set of teeth to eat and speak properly. While your permanent set of teeth is meant to last a lifetime, the truth is that many things can happen to cause you to lose one or more of them. Whether you had a tooth knocked out while playing sports or have dealt with serious decay, you… Read more